Choose White Gold Earrings for Classic Look

Choose White Gold Earrings for Classic LookPeople are becoming more and more fashion conscious these days. A wide number of options are available for them to choose from the present market. The market is flooded with numerous fashion accessories and ornaments often it become very difficult to choose suitable ornaments or jewelry. For those who wish to select something trendy and value for their money they can purchase white gold jewelry. White gold jewelry is modern, trendy, stylish and at the same time buyer get value for the money spent on jewelry. Above all, they are available in the different purity level, makes it affordable for every budget.

Gold and white gold earrings are a modern trend sweeping the fashion world with its grace and multiple combination choices. It provides a fresh look and elegant appearance apart from making the wearer appear highly fashionable. But, the question is how you are going to select them. The white gold is available in the varied purity of gold. The purity of gold is measured in terms of Karat. Starting with 9k gold, it is available in 22k purity where

Amazing Types of Silver Jewelry

Amazing Types of Silver JewelryThe silvery metal has over time become one of the most valuable materials for creating stunning ornaments. Many people love silver jewelry because they are regally attractive. Apart from being beautiful, trinkets made from silver are trendy, affordable and available in many exotic designs. They are very striking and elegant indeed. There exist several types of such vanity wear to adorn costumes and the body. They are often dependent on the type of silver they are created from. The different types of silver craft are discussed below.

Pure Silver

Pure silver charms are jewelry types that are crafted from the pure version. Pure silver is about jewelry wholesome. This silver type has a finish that is glossy and really soft. Due to the soft nature, pure silver jewelry is very malleable. It is thus very easy to craft bangles, necklaces, earrings and other charms from the pure metal. It is very easy to create some elaborate patterns out of the pure element, compared to other types of metals that are used in making

Handmade Jewelry Versus Machine Made Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry Versus Machine Made JewelryWith the advancements taking place in various fields, finding things that are handmade is no less than bliss. Jewelry made by hand is one such thing. It has a history or a story that is attached to it whereas in machine made jewelry, the manufacturer has no personal sentiment associated with the jewelry made by him. There is a consistent repetition of designs that is produced with profit being the ulterior motive. Next time you find yourself at the jewelry section at the mall, just think that there are plentiful of this exact same piece in some warehouse that is waiting for to hang there for others to buy once you buy that one piece.

Do you really want to see yourself wearing that same piece that the millions of people are already wearing or are waiting to wear? Every single piece is identical, every design is repetitive and looks perfect that it will make you almost hate it. Jewelry made by hand has that rawness about it. Though the products are similar, there is

Shine on Your Crazy Diamond Ring

Every woman wants to own that perfectly glittering diamond ring which could be an added asset to her finger and her jewellery collection. Diamonds and other precious stones have been in popular demand since ancient era. It’s first significance struck as a form of currency exchange as early as the Egyptian civilization. Such is the popularity of diamonds and these days it is rare to spot the perfectly carved stone and hence the reason diamond rings are very expensive.

Buying rings ends up being a costly affair for couples who are planning to get engaged. There are different varieties of rings in the market today and various jewellery stores offer beautiful pieces of diamond rings. So if you are a guy who is planning to propose to your girlfriend, then you must not fail to do a detail study on what models and types are now trendy and available. After all, a positive response from your girlfriend/boyfriend is all that matters, so shelling out some extra bucks for that perfect ring is always beneficial.

Diamond rings don’t have to always be bought as only engagement rings. As they add value to your wardrobe and possessions too.

Maintenance Tips For Sterling Silver Jewelry

Jewelry of any type needs to be cared for if it is to last longer while maintaining the luster it had when you first bought it. When it comes to sterling silver jewelry, it is important to ensure that you give it the proper care and attention so that you can continue using it to accessorize without it losing its original luster. This article will discuss some maintenance tips to help you achieve exactly that.

Basic Information
Sterling silver is an alloy made up of 92.5% pure silver and other metals such as copper make up 7.5%. Of all precious metals, it is the most reflective one. When exposed to air and other chemicals, sterling silver is prone to oxidization and tarnishing. The main reason why pure silver is rarely used for making jewelry is because it is malleable and over time, it will lose its shape. The alloy helps to harden the silver thus making it ideal for making jewelry.

How To Maintain This Jewelry?

The most important thing to observe when caring for sterling silver is to maintain it properly so that there is reduced need to care for it later.


Care of Sterling Silver Jewelry

The use of silver dates back to as long ago as 3000 B.C. The ductile and malleable metal is a metallic luster that is shiny white when it is in its pure state. Pure silver is a very good electricity and heat conductor.

While it is more affordable, compared to platinum and gold, it is also comparably costly in its pure state to the other types of silver. Other types of silver include German, oxidized and sterling silver.

It is reputable for its sound and special resonance. As a result of this, a lot of producers of brasswind instruments often produce instruments of music from sterling silver. Major saxophone producers such as Yanagisawa, P.Mauriat and Selmer used sterling silver to produce a significant number of saxophones. These producers are of the opinion that saxophones, made from sterling silver produce more sound and better resonance compared to saxophones made from other metals.

Due to the fact that it contains 92.5 silver, jewelries and other products made from sterling silver are marked ‘925’ to recognize them. A lot of jewelry manufacturers enjoy working with sterling silver to produce jewelries ranging from pendants and necklaces to rings and

Key Features of Art Deco Jewellery

There are many different types of beautiful vintage jewellery available on the market today, and the surge in popularity of these items has meant that there is more choice than ever before. As well as specialist offline jewellers, online stores are also now selling these items, and many people like to try and get a bargain online.

With that said, there are certain risks to buying online, and it is wise to exercise precaution when doing so. Regardless, art deco jewellery is available in abundance and there are many stunning pieces for you to enjoy; here are three key features of this kind of jewellery that you need to know about.

Firstly, one aspect of art deco jewellery is the use of colour, which differentiates it from its predecessors that included Edwardian jewellery. Art deco sprung up post First World War in Europe, with the 1920s and the 1930s being key decades of popularity for this style.

The colours used for all kinds of jewellery – from art deco engagement rings to necklaces – include bold and bright shades which were not present in the muted styles that came precedent to this. Precious stones were

How To Maximize Profit With Snap Jewelry

If you are making jewelry to sell, then you need to think about what will net you the most profit. The more money that you make from each sale, the more your time as a jewelry maker is worth. It is therefore very important that you spend a little bit of time considering what components to use in your finished designs. The mantra of “buy low, sell high” does not always apply in the world of jewelry making, because not everyone will be willing to spend a lot of money on homemade pieces. Many people in your target market will actually be looking for low cost alternatives to the expensive, mass-produced pieces which have flooded the market. Therefore, as a jewelry maker, you must use the mantra “sell low, buy lower”! And this is where snap jewelry comes into it…

What is snap jewelry?

Snap jewelry is a really brilliant concept which allows you to mix and match “fashion snaps”, so that you can easily change jewelry designs. The jewelry utilizes backing pieces which different fashion snaps front pieces can be popped on and off of. There are thousands of different designs for front pieces, so

Why Diamonds Are Forever!

Diamonds are known to be a woman’s best friend. Every woman drools over its undeniable charm, always tempting the eyes of anyone who sees its beauty. But how are diamonds made?

Diamonds were originally formed from the existence of ancient carbon below the earth. Volcanic eruptions are the ones responsible for bringing these diamonds to the surface of the earth. What’s amazing about diamonds is that when they are still in their natural form, they are assumed to be at least 990,000,000 years of age! Some are even known to be 3.2 billion years old. It’s one of the many reasons why having a diamond is desired by many.

Diamond was coined after the Greek word “Adamas”, meaning unbeatable and imperishable. These meanings actually makes sense if we base it on the myths relating diamonds to marriage, saying that the gem is a symbol of the inseparable bond of marriage. This myth introduced to the public the use of diamond engagement rings. Engagement rings with diamonds were first released in 1477 when Mary of Burgundy received a ring from Archduke Maximillion of Austria. Because of this, the people were inspired and lo and behold, diamond become

Some Tips On How To Choose The Best Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the most defining and significant milestones in any romantic relationship is the engagement period. You can even say that the engagement is the penultimate event in the relationship. This is the last important step couples can take before they fully cement their relationship, love and commitment to each other through a wedding or matrimonial ceremony.

Since engagement is a significant step couples have to take before getting married, many men really put a lot of time and effort in looking for and getting the best engagement ring for their partner. After all, the engagement ring is also a crucial factor that can help men get that resounding “yes” when they propose to their partner.

For men who are looking for an amazing diamond ring to give to their partner when they propose, below are some helpful tips you can consider to make sure that you will be investing in the best and most ideal one for your soon-to-be fiancée:

Prepare and follow a budget. Make sure you have a realistic price range in mind. Going in with fairly specific parameters will help your jeweler at the shop find the right engagement ring to

Current Trends in Custom Jewelry

Whether in the world of jewelry, clothes or music, trends are constantly coming and going. What was popular last year may not be now, and what is popular now probably won’t be next year.

Despite this, there are certain design classics that never go out of fashion. The little black dress. Aviator sunglasses. The Harley-Davidson. Although it’s perhaps wise not to combine the three.

However, for those trends unlucky enough to go out of fashion, there is hope. For if there’s one thing that can be predicted with great certainty, it’s that past trends will eventually come back around.

Custom jewelry is no different. For every timeless round brilliant cut diamond ring, there’s a piece inspired by erstwhile cultural icons such as Sex and the City or Dallas. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course. Jewelry is a personal thing, and trends do return. Even Sue Ellen Ewing shoulder pads have enjoyed a revival.

So when searching online for jewelry, what trends should you be looking to buy? And, so long as you like your piece, does it really matter?

Rose without the thorns

While the most common shade of gold is

How to Determine a Pearl’s Value

A girl’s best friend “Pearl” is the gemstone of serenity. It is an aquatic jewel holding a value known to few people. Determining the worth of a pearl is an art and not many people have mastered this art. Being an exceptional gem, there are certain measuring standards to label the degree of a pearl’s paucity and value, be it uncultured or Cultured, which includes size, shape, imperfection, and gloss.

Pearls come in eight unique forms that are categorized into three broad categories including the spherical (perfect round and semi-round), symmetrical (button, tear drop, pear and oval) and baroque (irregularly ringed). The uncultured spherical (perfect round and semi-round) pearls are the rarest, elite and the most expensive ones, used generally in necklaces and strings holding a distinct value in the gemstones family. Similarly, the symmetrical (slightly flattened button pearls, teardrop, and pear) pearls which are known to be the choicest pearls for the drop down jewelry are a sign of juvenile beauty. The other types of pearls are comparatively less precious and can be found at a slightly lesser value and mostly they attract the people who like uniqueness and a rare look.

Generally measured in

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