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May 2018

Current Trends in Custom Jewelry

Whether in the world of jewelry, clothes or music, trends are constantly coming and going. What was popular last year may not be now, and what is popular now probably won’t be next year.

Despite this, there are certain design classics that never go out of fashion. The little black dress. Aviator sunglasses. The Harley-Davidson. Although it’s perhaps wise not to combine the three.

However, for those trends unlucky enough to go out of fashion, there is hope. For if there’s one thing that can be predicted with great certainty, it’s that past trends will eventually come back around.

Custom jewelry is no different. For every timeless round brilliant cut diamond ring, there’s a piece inspired by erstwhile cultural icons such as Sex and the City or Dallas. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course. Jewelry is a personal thing, and trends do return. Even Sue Ellen Ewing shoulder pads have enjoyed a revival.

So when searching online for jewelry, what trends should you be looking to buy? And, so long as you like your piece, does it really matter?

Rose without the thorns

While the most common shade of gold is the classic yellow, the rose variety is currently very much in fashion. Looking online for jewelry will only confirm this. When paired with the peachy pink tones of morganite, rose gold truly comes into its own.

Indeed, colored stones are being used more and more in today’s jewelry, usurping even the timeless clear diamond.

For further proof of the current popularity of rose gold, we can even look beyond the world of online jewelry. The latest must have from Apple, the iPhone 6S, is also available in a rose gold version.

If it’s good enough for one of the world’s greatest design teams, it should be good enough for those of us who are looking to add to our jewelry collection.

Victorian values today

A trend that has come back from beyond the royal grave is Victorian-era style jewelry. The ornate designs of the time perhaps cannot be fully appreciated when looking at online jewelry; to truly see the intricacies of such pieces, they should really be viewed first hand.

Either way, the use of custom cut sapphires and other colored stones faithfully recreates the style of the time, when every lady in the land wanted to imitate her queen.

With greater records of former pieces kept online and available to all, finding inspiration for a new piece in this old style has never been easier. Finding online jewelry examples is a wonderful source of inspiration, and can having a real idea of the Victorian look you want for your own piece will only help your custom jeweler to produce exactly what you have in mind.

Anything goes

The real benefit of custom jewelry is of course the way it can be designed and made exactly how the customer wishes. Following trends is great, but looking for online jewelry that truly represents the lifestyle and interests of the wearer may not be easy.

It’s important to remember that the customer is always right and nothing is taboo. Should they want jewelry inspired by sunflowers, wolves, boats or fruit, there are no wrong options.

Yellow diamonds are rivaling their clear counterparts in popularity. An array of smaller stones around the main one is increasingly requested. Pieces personalized with initials are not uncommon. ‘New vintage’ pieces that hark back to the 20s and 30s are again acceptable, if indeed they ever weren’t.

Any color and shape can be used. Trends come and go, but a person’s taste will last a lifetime.

When looking for online jewelry, it can be easy to get lost in the wealth of options. The number of trends past and present can seem overwhelming, but the decision to go current or timeless isn’t something to worry too much about.

Really, the only thing that matters is that you like whatever jewelry you decide to buy.

How to Determine a Pearl’s Value

A girl’s best friend “Pearl” is the gemstone of serenity. It is an aquatic jewel holding a value known to few people. Determining the worth of a pearl is an art and not many people have mastered this art. Being an exceptional gem, there are certain measuring standards to label the degree of a pearl’s paucity and value, be it uncultured or Cultured, which includes size, shape, imperfection, and gloss.

Pearls come in eight unique forms that are categorized into three broad categories including the spherical (perfect round and semi-round), symmetrical (button, tear drop, pear and oval) and baroque (irregularly ringed). The uncultured spherical (perfect round and semi-round) pearls are the rarest, elite and the most expensive ones, used generally in necklaces and strings holding a distinct value in the gemstones family. Similarly, the symmetrical (slightly flattened button pearls, teardrop, and pear) pearls which are known to be the choicest pearls for the drop down jewelry are a sign of juvenile beauty. The other types of pearls are comparatively less precious and can be found at a slightly lesser value and mostly they attract the people who like uniqueness and a rare look.

Generally measured in millimeters, they can range in size from 1mm seed pearls to as huge as 20mm south sea pearls. The value of a pearl in terms of size is determined by the mollusk which produces it, the nucleus of the pearl, the conditions of the mollusk and time a pearl took to grow. However, size cannot determine the price value of a pearl but it holds significance for the overall value that the gemstone possesses. The largest pearl recorded till date is a 26.95mm baroque south sea pearl.

The gemstone cultured within mussel is a symbol of life. The gloss and glow it holds are lustrous and glittering. The value of a pearl is gauged by the experts by keenly noting the gloss coated on the pearl. The degree of a pearl’s value in price in determined by the reflection, a pearl emits while exposed to light and the smooth gloss it holds which gives it a distinction, pearls with a rather dull gloss tend to be of poor quality and their value fades away with time.

Flaw and irregularity of a pearl are the determinants of the cultivation and extraction of a pearl along with the rarity and value it holds. Flawless natural pearls which are accurately spherical tend to be the most precious. However, the baroque hold uniqueness as a piece of art. Natural pearls are almost never of the same size and shape and also, they are rarely exact rounds. However, the cultured pearls are of a somewhat desired shape and flawless. Therefore, the value of a pearl is determined well by the shape and how perfect it is.

Overall, understanding the value of a pearl as a gemstone requires a lot of keen knowledge and expertise. It requires observation and the instinct which relatively fewer people have but mastering the art is as fascinating as the gem itself.