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June 2018

Key Features of Art Deco Jewellery

There are many different types of beautiful vintage jewellery available on the market today, and the surge in popularity of these items has meant that there is more choice than ever before. As well as specialist offline jewellers, online stores are also now selling these items, and many people like to try and get a bargain online.

With that said, there are certain risks to buying online, and it is wise to exercise precaution when doing so. Regardless, art deco jewellery is available in abundance and there are many stunning pieces for you to enjoy; here are three key features of this kind of jewellery that you need to know about.

Firstly, one aspect of art deco jewellery is the use of colour, which differentiates it from its predecessors that included Edwardian jewellery. Art deco sprung up post First World War in Europe, with the 1920s and the 1930s being key decades of popularity for this style.

The colours used for all kinds of jewellery – from art deco engagement rings to necklaces – include bold and bright shades which were not present in the muted styles that came precedent to this. Precious stones were used, and these were in a variety of colours, including jade, carnelian, emerald, ruby, sapphire and coral.

Black and whites were also used to contrast against colours, and these included the widespread use of onyx and diamonds. Certain colours trends did continue from Edwardian jewellery however, and these include the used of white metals such as platinum and white gold. These help contribute to this beautiful, contrasting effect that the style is famous for.

The next aspect of art deco engagement rings, necklace and bracelets is that these items often featured very distinctive, geometric shapes. These could be very ostentatious in style and again very bold, making a real statement for those who wore them. Examples of popular pieces included bulky rings, statement necklaces and long pendant earrings.

It should also be noted that strings of pearls were popular during this period too. These fit in with the ostentatious, bold look of the jewellery, and also the geometric one. Circles and ovals feature heavily in this style of jewellery, as did rectangles, squares and diamond shapes. Each of these shapes appeared on all different items of stunning jewellery.

In addition to having these geometric shapes, often several items of jewellery were worn together to make a bold statement. This was especially true with bracelets, which were often stacked, but any item of jewellery could be worn with several others of a similar style – as can be seen in images from the era of women draped in plenty of bold art deco jewellery.

The third and final feature of this kind of jewellery is that natural themes and motifs were often present, including the inclusion of birds, animals, flowers and leaves. These added another unusual feature to previously traditional jewellery, and could serve as a interesting talking point for the wearer and her friends.

It should be noted that many of these natural world motifs had been influenced by the preceding art nouveau movement, but simply made the designs bolder, and included a great deal more originality, taking ideas and inspiration from cultures around the globe. An example of this is the prevalence of Egyptian designs, such as pyramids and scarab beetles.

From art deco engagement rings to necklaces and bracelets, there is a huge number of these exciting items on the market today, making it easier than ever to enjoy these stunning artefacts of history. When you shop around however, just be sure to make sure that you seek out a reputable jeweller who can fully inform you and assure you about the authenticity of the piece you plan on purchasing.

How To Maximize Profit With Snap Jewelry

If you are making jewelry to sell, then you need to think about what will net you the most profit. The more money that you make from each sale, the more your time as a jewelry maker is worth. It is therefore very important that you spend a little bit of time considering what components to use in your finished designs. The mantra of “buy low, sell high” does not always apply in the world of jewelry making, because not everyone will be willing to spend a lot of money on homemade pieces. Many people in your target market will actually be looking for low cost alternatives to the expensive, mass-produced pieces which have flooded the market. Therefore, as a jewelry maker, you must use the mantra “sell low, buy lower”! And this is where snap jewelry comes into it…

What is snap jewelry?

Snap jewelry is a really brilliant concept which allows you to mix and match “fashion snaps”, so that you can easily change jewelry designs. The jewelry utilizes backing pieces which different fashion snaps front pieces can be popped on and off of. There are thousands of different designs for front pieces, so you can change your designs in the push (or snap) of a button.

How can using this type of jewelry help to maximize my profits?

Because this resource is so versatile, it is possible to buy them in bulk, without them going to waste. In general, buying larger numbers of items helps to keep the costs down, due to a concept known as economies of scale. However, most people cannot take advantage of this, because they will never be able to use all of the products that they buy. As a jewelry maker, you will be able to take advantage of buying large numbers of snap jewelry pieces, as you will be able to come up with hundreds of different ideas for homemade products using these jewelry making supplies.

Thrilling your customers with the variety on offer

Because this type of jewelry is so versatile, it is very easy to “sell” the idea of the product to your customers. One cool idea is to make amazing snap bracelets, necklaces or earrings to sell on your stall, but also set up your stall with lots of different supplies pots as well. When you are selling the first piece of jewelry, you can explain all of the benefits of snapping to the customer, and you can even give a quick demonstration of the concept. Once you have drawn them in, you can then see whether they want to buy any additional snap pieces from the supplies pots. Having lots and lots of choices means that they will be inclined to buy a few different snaps, so that they will have great options to choose from. Offering discounts and deals will also encourage customers. This means that you can make a profit on the finished bracelet designs, and then make even more on selling on the single fashion snaps.

Why Diamonds Are Forever!

Diamonds are known to be a woman’s best friend. Every woman drools over its undeniable charm, always tempting the eyes of anyone who sees its beauty. But how are diamonds made?

Diamonds were originally formed from the existence of ancient carbon below the earth. Volcanic eruptions are the ones responsible for bringing these diamonds to the surface of the earth. What’s amazing about diamonds is that when they are still in their natural form, they are assumed to be at least 990,000,000 years of age! Some are even known to be 3.2 billion years old. It’s one of the many reasons why having a diamond is desired by many.

Diamond was coined after the Greek word “Adamas”, meaning unbeatable and imperishable. These meanings actually makes sense if we base it on the myths relating diamonds to marriage, saying that the gem is a symbol of the inseparable bond of marriage. This myth introduced to the public the use of diamond engagement rings. Engagement rings with diamonds were first released in 1477 when Mary of Burgundy received a ring from Archduke Maximillion of Austria. Because of this, the people were inspired and lo and behold, diamond become the perfect expression of true love.

With this evolving trend, businessmen took advantage of the gem’s fame. Some of these merchants sell diamonds for cash. A famous diamond retailer, DeBeers, started using the tagline “A diamond is forever” in 1947 and was then voted to be the 20th century’s most ascertainable line. This tagline has indeed become one of the most famous catch phrases out there.

Purchasing diamonds is not as easy as it sounds. Buyers usually have problems checking if the gem is truly genuine. It is difficult to identify whether the gem is a real diamond especially if it does look like one. With diamonds, sometimes, looks can really be deceiving.

Going back to the era of the Great Depression, people have become extremely poor, making it difficult for them to buy certain things, including diamonds. As resourceful as they were, they made engagement rings out of crystals because it is the one item that appears most similar to diamonds. This is the reason why it has become difficult to differentiate one from the other. To be extremely sure, purchase diamonds from an acclaimed store unless you are a so-called diamond expert. For starters, buy diamonds that are G.I.A or A.G.S certified. This is a recommendation that the gem is authentic and has been checked by a gemologist.

Diamonds can be purchased in many forms. Synthetic one are already widely available in the market. These kind of diamonds look like the real ones though they were created in a laboratory. Yes, they have similar properties like a natural diamond. And they are way cheaper.

Diamonds are truly expensive so it is better to be sure of the authenticity before spending money on buying one.

Some Tips On How To Choose The Best Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the most defining and significant milestones in any romantic relationship is the engagement period. You can even say that the engagement is the penultimate event in the relationship. This is the last important step couples can take before they fully cement their relationship, love and commitment to each other through a wedding or matrimonial ceremony.

Since engagement is a significant step couples have to take before getting married, many men really put a lot of time and effort in looking for and getting the best engagement ring for their partner. After all, the engagement ring is also a crucial factor that can help men get that resounding “yes” when they propose to their partner.

For men who are looking for an amazing diamond ring to give to their partner when they propose, below are some helpful tips you can consider to make sure that you will be investing in the best and most ideal one for your soon-to-be fiancée:

Prepare and follow a budget. Make sure you have a realistic price range in mind. Going in with fairly specific parameters will help your jeweler at the shop find the right engagement ring to fit your budget.

Know what kind of jewelry your partner loves or prefers wearing. Know if you partner prefers modern or classic styles or designs of jewelry. Does she like feminine or sophisticated designs, delicate or bulky, and simple or ornate types of jewelry? Make sure you have these preferences in mind when you set out to shop. If you buy something similar to what she already likes, you won’t go wrong.

Take note of her ring size. If she owns or wears some rings, borrow one she already owns. Trace the inner circle on a piece of paper and bring this with you when you go shopping. You can also slide one of your partner’s rings down one of your own fingers and draw a line where it stops. The jeweller can use these measurements to identify her approximate ring size.

Find out what diamond shape suits your partner. Diamonds come in various shapes. As such, you also need to make sure to choose the best one that would suit your partner. Keep in mind that your partner will be wearing this ring almost every day. As such, it should go with everything, from jeans to formal gowns. Certain shapes pair also more successfully with other gems in multi-stone rings. Round, oval and marquise-shaped diamonds all work well. Pear and heart shape stones are more challenging.

Finally, make sure you will be buying from a reputable jewellery store. To make sure that the diamond is authentic and you have a wider range of options to choose from, always select a jeweller that has a good reputation.

Choose White Gold Earrings for Classic Look

Choose White Gold Earrings for Classic LookPeople are becoming more and more fashion conscious these days. A wide number of options are available for them to choose from the present market. The market is flooded with numerous fashion accessories and ornaments often it become very difficult to choose suitable ornaments or jewelry. For those who wish to select something trendy and value for their money they can purchase white gold jewelry. White gold jewelry is modern, trendy, stylish and at the same time buyer get value for the money spent on jewelry. Above all, they are available in the different purity level, makes it affordable for every budget.

Gold and white gold earrings are a modern trend sweeping the fashion world with its grace and multiple combination choices. It provides a fresh look and elegant appearance apart from making the wearer appear highly fashionable. But, the question is how you are going to select them. The white gold is available in the varied purity of gold. The purity of gold is measured in terms of Karat. Starting with 9k gold, it is available in 22k purity where 22k purity of Gold is known as standard gold.

While selecting, make sure, the color of the metal matches with that of your skin. Next, decide your budget. Deciding over budget almost saves your day and tension and confusion can be avoided very easily. The difference in purity brings out various hues in the white gold and it is very easy to find out which one is better and which appear elegant. 18k white gold earrings have 75{64cb39906dc50d4510d1c330f68136a174686651969680f45fc7b634a247ede0} of gold and it is the price depends upon the percentage purity of gold present in the ornament. Therefore, buyers should pay their attention towards the percentage of gold used in a particular jewelry piece.

If you are buying the jewelry for the special occasion, or events such a wedding and birthday parties, then it is necessary to pay attention to the Karat or the purity of the gold. Gold attracts people from time immemorial and people love the glitter and luster of Gold. Whether you wear plain gold chains, or necklace that is usually studded with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, pearls or a combination of all these stones greatly enhance the value of Gold jewelry.

Necklaces need to be selected so as to meet the requirements of the occasion, since they are available in different lengths. Necklaces are differentiated as per the length and the names are given accordingly.

The same principle holds well in the case of earrings as well. Match the earrings, depending upon your facial features purchase button earrings, dangling earrings, square earrings, and so on so that you can wear suitable one to attend the special event. But when you are wearing ornaments of various types pay attention to match everything so that it can extend harmonious appearance on your personality. The key to good selection is to go through the available products and do thorough research. You will never become disappointed.